Using flash libraries to import graphical assets in Flex

Ever since i’ve started with Flex, I found it somewhat difficult to import custom graphical assets from Flash into my Flex applications. I had troubles linking my graphics to custom classes

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that weren’t a Sprite or MovieClip, and always found myself searching solutions for the same problems I had over and over again. Let me show you how you can easely import all your graphics from a Flash Library into Flex without breaking a sweat.

If you want to import a graphic from a Flash library, you have to link it to a class. Say you have 100 graphics you want to load, you will have to create 100 classes for them and link the two, or if you are a sane person, you can group certain graphics inside a container MovieClip, and load that container. Either way, you will still need to create atleast 1 class.

Let’s have a look at the swfLibraryLoader demo I created. The

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sourcecode is available, and I will be refering to it through the rest of this article.

I have

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created 3 Flash libraries for this example. You can find the fla’s in the ‘flashsrc’ folder. 2 swf libraries will be loaded at runtime (those are in the html-template/swf/ folder), when the application starts, and the last one will be embedded at compile time (swf file in the assets folder), just to show you how it’s done. In the ‘main’ library, you can see i’ve added an eyeball graphic, and simply created a movieclip of it. For that graphic, i have also written a class, named Eyeball. That class extends MovieClip and doesn’t really do anything more. Back in the fla file, I have linked the Eyeball MovieClip to the Eyeball class. All

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done, all i need to do now is export the library to a swf file. Hold up a minute, as there are still some things to

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keep in mind:

The library is ready. Compile the swf library, and it’s time to move on to Flex. We need to load the swf library before making instances of the class we just created and linked the graphic to. In my example, it is called Eyeball. I use the SWFLibraryLoader class to load the libraries at runtime. The source is included in the example, but you don’t really need to know 150 mg viagra< the inner workings to use it. The flow goes viagra usa like this, add paths to the flash libraries in the SWFLibraryLoader queue. Add a listener for the QueueIsEmpty Event on the eventDispatcher property of the SwfLibraryLoader class, and then call the loadQueue function. Once all the libraries cialis to buy in usa are loaded, the handler of the QueueIsEmpty event will be called. In that handler, you may instantiate all the classes that are linked to graphical assets. However there are again some things to keep in mind:

The second library contains a composition of graphical assets. If you look at the ‘SeaMonster’ MovieClip, there are 3 graphics inside, 2 MovieClips: ’seaMonster’ and ‘attack’ and 1 MovieClip that is linked to the ‘Chainsaw’ class, named Chainsaw. Notice i have filled in an instance name for all 3 assets. Now, if you look

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at the ‘SeaMonster’ class, there are 3 public properties with the same name as the ones in Flash. The property must have the same name, and must be public for this to work. All 3 assets are now available to you in code. I’ve animated some in the demo, to create a bad-ass chainsaw wielding seamonster.
The last asset in the 3rd library is one that is embedded inside the Flex app. It’s the same kind of asset I used in the ‘main’ library with the exception of 1 line of code that is different in the class that is linked to it. That line of code tells Flex to glue the graphic to the class at compile time.

[(source="../assets/embed.swf", symbol="be.menhir.demo.Pirate")]

This line of code is placed just before the class code and contains the name

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of the symbol you wish to link the class to, aswell as the path to the swf library.

And there you go, you have learned how to import a graphical asset from a swf library into Flex!

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5 Responses to “Using flash libraries to import graphical assets in Flex”

  1. viswanathan Says:

    Hi , am having n number of linkages in the library. I need to visible the symbols one by one while loading the library swf file. Is it possible?. Please give me your suggestion on this.

  2. Jovan Says:

    No it is not possible. You have to wait until the entire swf file is loaded, and only then can you instantiate the class that is linked to your graphical asset

  3. Santanu.K Says:

    Hi, your online demo is working perfectly. But whenever I downloaded the source code for the files, imported into my Flex Builder, and runs, the text containers are coming properly, but not the Flash files..! Any idea. I’m running FP10.


  4. Santanu.K Says:

    Hi, again me, is the codes are FP9 specific! I’ve uninstall the FP10 and reinstall the FP9, and it works..! any idea! Thanks!

  5. lam do Says:

    Nice tutorial! Very interesting looking at the source code.
    but I can’t find the source code download link.