Moderated API contributions for drupal

More and more, drupal site builders have to make choices that they shouldn’t if dosage for cialis< it comes to "choosing which contrib to

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canada e-pharmacy use”. We often can choose for an API - which is great - or choose for a ready-to-go module. As a developer, I will choose most of the time for the API. The problem here is that several API’s are available. E.g. Friendlist, User Relationships, flag_friend, (buddylist), … all great modules that will end up doing the same thing: connected drupal users within a kind of relation.

I recently want to use a XMPP framework in drupal and even there, i have several options. (DXMPP, XMPPframework, and some others). I myself made the same mistake with heartbeat while activity2 module existed. Why? Because website builders and

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time we get. can you buy viagra over the counter So we don’t want to be too quick in deciding but we can often not test it all out.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if we did not have cialis 5 mg 28 to make this choice. If drupal contributed modules could be moderated as severe as drupal core, we would does cialis increase size< end up in a nicer and leaner set of drupal modules. Lot's of API's, I'm sure, but it would be a big step forward imho. I have the impression that the drupal community is so great that there could be a way to moderate API contributions .



This blog post is part of the open question “Which road must drupal take?”.

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8 Responses to “Moderated API contributions for drupal”

  1. Yo Says:

    Boo. If I want to create a module that does something similar to but not the same as another module, I should be allowed to do that rather than told to add it as a feature to some existing monstrously (and unnecessarily) huge API. The Drupal community is about openness. Better to have a wide choice than a poor choice.

  2. merlinofchaos Says:

    As the maintainer of the largest contrib module in Drupal, I can tell you that a LOT of people moderate core Drupal and the amount of code and activity in all of contrib is at least a hundred times that. There simply aren’t enough resources to moderate all of contrib meaningfully. All that would really happen is that people would move their stuff off-site where they can work more in freedom.

    Even more, Drupal itself can be community moderated because at least the moderation that happens is because Dries and the branch maintainers share a vision. Can they say that about my module? How are they supposed to know anything about Views?

    And would Views ever have happened with a moderated contrib? I don’t think it would have, at least, not the way it has. Maybe I would’ve done something offsite, but I would have been so frustrated with the politics of trying to push something through moderation that I feel confident I would’ve stopped trying and gone elsewhere.

  3. Stalski Says:

    Thx for the great replies. That was my point exactly when creating heartbeat. So with your experience in mind, the best way is to let people develop freely without any moderation boundaries.
    Thx again!

  4. sun Says:

    Unlike the others, I agree with your considerations here.

    We do not need yet another duplicate module that provides the same functionality as module XYZ, just because you added a configuration option for setting Foo.

    Likewise, we do not need a new “List” module, that is Views, in pink.

    We opened the review process for new CVS applications some time ago, so everyone is able to help in moderation of (entirely) new projects by new contributors, who actually are guilty for most duplicated projects, modules, and efforts, unfortunately. Everyone can help to review code and point applicants to existing projects in the

    However, the fact that we frequently need to point people to existing projects and tell them that their work totally duplicates an existing module and therefore provides zero benefits for the community, means that we failed to provide sufficient measures to allow users and developers to find existing projects on

    Working heavily in core and contrib, my current conclusion and feeling is that we fail to apply Drupal’s community idea and Drupal’s principles to the sphere of contributions and into the minds of people that did not attend a DrupalCon yet. The principles of joining forces to build better products, collaborating in an open and friendly fashion, thinking both small and big, … are all not understood.

  5. Stalski Says:

    I was not specific enough in my post as well. I saw this a bit like this: When creating a drupal contribution, we have the option to label the project as an API. The only difference would be that this type of module is moderated/managed differently (as severe as several developers together can be).
    This way ready-to-go modules and even smaller api’s that don’t want to be labeled this way can still go ahead. The choice should indeed be left to the maintainer.
    What does the label API do then? Time will tell. Could be a “recommendation”? It sure wouldn’t be left without maintainer that easily. Is it this what developers need to make a choice on how to proceed in their own projects, wanting to set a “default api”?

    The sollution could satisfy both worlds. What i hope would happen is that some maintainers will end up labeling their module as the API to go or new api projects could be created in a collaboration of developers to merge and filter the best of several api’s.

    Maybe i should have taken this discussion at …

  6. sun Says:

    API category on

  7. Stalski Says:

    Great,thx, I’ll take the discussion out there.

  8. Mark Says:

    Hi Stalski, Im sorry to bother you but I am trying to get your Drupal 7 Heartbeat module working on a site using organic groups. And the help on your blog does not seem to match what I am seeing. I have heartbeat and displat suite and all prerequisites installed , sitewide activity seems fine, but I cannot filter by group nor see where to do so.. is this the most recent guidance?

    I cannot see where to configure step 4, when adding a filter I have no option to Add filter: “Heartbeat activity: Heartbeat user access” and choose “Organic group activity” from the dialog box.

    Im sorry to pester you on you tube but Im trying to get this working on a site for the past two day. ( I am volunteering for this site its an Irish-African volunteer mentor network)

    We basically want group activity to be visible to group members only. , apologies again.