Stalski How to create a custom activity view

Although heartbeat comes with default pages and blocks, it can be handy to create your own custom views. There are two approaches to make that happen. Installing the views ui module for drupal and creating your own
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Votingpoints contrib for User Points

User points is module that gives a user points when performing an action. This module has a couple of contributes that give the api the specific desired functionality.
I added a contribute for this module that makes it possible to assign user points when users vote, using the drupal voting api.

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Building a nice slideshow with Drupal views and jQuery

For one of my projects at One-Agency, i had to build a slideshow with images of one of my content types.

I started to make my promotions content type with CCK and make it possible to upload an image and add extra information on the promo.
After that, i could start with the real work.

I made a block-view with the settings to show only promotions that are published, and show the nodes in this view as a node. Once you have this set up, you can start to prepare you’re template file.

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Drupal quick fixes

- Use url arguments to limit views by taxonomy on term pages
- Use url arguments to limit views by taxonomy on node pages
- Hide tabs on node form pages, except for certain roles
- Log next page with google analytics
- Create submenu-items from selected menu-item (1 depth)

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Using flash libraries to import graphical assets in Flex

Ever since i’ve started with Flex, I found it somewhat difficult to import custom graphical assets from Flash into my Flex applications. I had troubles linking my graphics to custom classes that weren’t a Sprite or MovieClip, and always found myself searching solutions for the same problems I had over and over again. Let me [...]

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