Jovan Stanimirovic Hangman: Importing a design in Flash CS3

Starting with phase 2 of the Hangman Game project, we’ll be importing a design made in Photoshop to Flash CS3. This won’t be a step-by-step tutorial on how to export Photoshop layers to jpg’s and png’s. It’s more of a guide on what choices to make, and which techniques you can use to do that. [...]

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Sortables in a custom node form

Draggables and sortables are commonly used in the drupal core. Taxonomy, menu, cck, … . The items that are sortable always belong to ‘a parent’. If this parent is listed as sortable in another parent, then it is a cascading system with a maximum of levels. The typical tree listing together with draggable handle icons, will tell the users that they can drag. This belong to relation controls a parent with its children that all have a positional sortorder variable. In Drupal, these are called weights. I wondered if this could be quickly implemented in custom modules where you have this relation ship. Since this is everywhere in drupal, why not do the test now?

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Hangman game in Flash

For those who don’t know me yet; I have a real passion for playing games. Ever since i’ve started to learn Flash & Actionscript, what I enjoyed most was making little games. Times haven’t changed, and those old feelings have been coming back to me. I thought it was time for me make a little [...]

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Hooking drupal s’ logout button with jquery

In a project I am working on, I had to hook the login and logout of drupal, so that an extra action would be taken. More specific to my case: when logging in and/or out of a drupal, the same action should be taken for another session to a second server.

As drupal login and logout are buttons that are built in Drupal, It had to work around it. The most common solution would be to add an extra class attribute to the links that performed the logout. This class then could be triggered with Jquery to override the logout button to handle things differently. You could think of it as branching the logout task. In stead of going to a different page to perform logout, we call two pages with Jquery’s AJAX methods.

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Install cck types, taxonomy, content and roles through multiple AJAX calls

Deploying from a development to a review, staging and live server can be a real pain in the ass with drupal. You can write custom code in your modules and deploy the changes with CVS or SVN in the way you are used to. But what about the stuff you built through clicking and in drupal, you can click untill you drop. Suppose you have installed four cck types, a couple of taxonomy vocabularies and terms, a few roles and you made dummy content to ease your work during development. Is there a way to deploy these things?

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