Stalski How to save a node with multiple taxonomy terms

I did some quick research on how to save taxonomy attached to your node. In my case I needed it in a page where I create 3 dummy nodes. This post explains how you can approach attaching several taxonomy terms (from different vocabulary) while calling node_save. You could avoid using this function and work with the taxonomy instead, but I prefer the node way.

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Performance evaluation in php

This post is inspired by the speech of Rasmus Lerdorf at the drupalcon 2008 in Szeged. His opinion about php and how it is used was interesting at least. To give you an example, i quote “If your application is to slow, that is only because your code sucks.”. I found the slides from this session on the internet as well.

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Setting unicodeRange in Flex using CSS

Embedding fonts in Flex is easy and definitely recommended. It enables you to make them more readable for your users by using anti-aliasing and smoothing. It even allows rotation and transparancy of fonts. I can’t find a reason not to use this functionality as a design Norton Symantec Clé often requires it… Oh wait a [...]

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Enforce themes to content-types in Drupal

Yesterday, for my project at ONE-agency, I was seeking for a module that could change theme settings beyond default implementation.  When installing Drupal, which is drupal6 in my case, you can add your own theme. After adding, it is available in the administration themes list so you can set it as default (admin/build/themes).  Because drupal [...]

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Introduction to Jquery @ Drupalcon Szeged2008

Because i am considerably new to drupal, I learned a big deal at the DrupalCon in Szeged. I am also new to jquery because untill now I preferred prototype with scriptaculous to do the fancy javascript in Onegana’s content management system. A couple of sessions handled jquery, jquery in drupal and even advanced javascript techniques and patterns in javascript.

Javascript has always been a lot of fun when writing, although programmers have to make sure that different browsers give the user the same nice experience they want.

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