Stalski Install cck types, taxonomy, content and roles through multiple AJAX calls

Deploying from a development to a review, staging and live server can be a real pain in the ass with drupal. You can write custom code in your modules and deploy the changes with CVS or SVN in the way you are used to. But what about the stuff you built through clicking and in drupal, you can click untill you drop. Suppose you have installed four cck types, a couple of taxonomy vocabularies and terms, a few roles and you made dummy content to ease your work during development. Is there a way to deploy these things?

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Transparant PNG mouse events

I was working on this Flex project last week, where the design consisted of multiple layers of transparant PNG graphics. Somewhere in between those layers, there were Flex UIcomponents that needed to be selectable. Mouse events didn’t come through though because of the PNG graphic that was above it.used water slide for sale
Now, I thought [...]

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Ahah forms in drupal 6

Writing ahah forms in drupal 6 is very easy.   I used it in a project where a custom slide node form had to be updated by ajax, depending on the Microsoft Exchange Server Clé selected slide_template. The slide_template object is built into the node object as composite. This way I can approach the form as [...]

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How to save a node with multiple taxonomy terms

I did some quick research on how to save taxonomy attached to your node. In my case I needed it in a page where I create 3 dummy nodes. This post explains how you can approach attaching several taxonomy terms (from different vocabulary) while calling node_save. You could avoid using this function and work with the taxonomy instead, but I prefer the node way.

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Performance evaluation in php

This post is inspired by the speech of Rasmus Lerdorf at the drupalcon 2008 in Szeged. His opinion about php and how it is used was interesting at least. To give you an example, i quote “If your application is to slow, that is only because your code sucks.”. I found the slides from this session on the internet as well.

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